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GI Aviation Showcases PC-12 NG At Abu Dhabi Air Expo

Written By GI Aviation

March 09, 2016

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GI Aviation is showcasing the Pilatus PC-12 NG aircraft at the Abu Dhabi Air Expo. The aircraft, serial number 1604, arrived in Abu Dhabi on 5 March 2016.

The company hoping to get its AOC during the summer. Operations will begin shortly afterwards.

A second PC-12 NG is on order and will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2016.

GI Aviation has appointed Marios Belidis as general manager. Previously he ran the DhabiJet FBO at Al Bateen Executive Airport.

“We are aiming to fill a gap in the market which is driven by a growing need for travel – from corporations and private individuals – that is affordable, reliable and fits with their travel schedules. The PC-12 NG has a range of up to 1,200nm, enabling us to reach destinations such as Jeddah, Doha, Amman and Karachi. The aircraft can also service unpaved and short runways, gravel strips and can fly into a number of island airstrips that are just not viable for larger jets.” said Belidis.

“We are aiming to fill a gap in the market which is driven by a growing need for travel – from corporations and private individuals – that is affordable, reliable and fits with their travel schedules.”

The company say they identified a need for charter service on popular city pair routes currently flown by scheduled services.

“We’ve reviewed existing demand and established that we can be truly competitive in terms of offering private charter options for comparative scheduled first class and business seat prices. For a similar cost private or corporate groups can arrange executive charter on one of our aircraft to suit their times, point to point requirements, and individual needs. Overall it’s a much more convenient and efficient way of flying,” Belidis added.

The first aircraft will be based at Al Bateen Executive Airport.

“We welcome this initiative from GI Aviation and completely support the mission and vision to provide wider access to affordable, reliable charter options in what is essentially an emerging market for our aircraft type. We believe once the market has experienced this attractive option, demand for the model will grow. It really is suited to the operating environment and makes executive travel available to a larger market.” said Ignaz Gretener, VP General Aviation of Pilatus.

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GI Aviation’s fleet can cruise at 520 km/hr at 25,000ft, bringing you to the destination of your choice with all the perks expected of private aviation.

With GI Aviation, you avoid all the queues, hassle and time that is lost in larger airports. Our service through boutique private terminals ensures you reach your destination in a fraction of the time.

The Pilatus PC-12 fleet has earned the safety record statistically equivalent to the fleet of all U.S. business jets.

As well as flying you there, we can take you from door to door in many regional cities, in partnership with locally based ground limousine services.

We offer charter to destinations and remote locations not served by commercial aircraft and even by small jets due to the versatility of our Pilatus PC – 12 aircraft.

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