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Written By GI Aviation

October 08, 2016

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At GI Aviation, we operate a fleet of new, state of the art Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. With its new generation Pratt and Whitney turbine engine and complete with the exceptional Honeywell Primus Apex avionics platform, the aircraft has been manufactured in Switzerland for over 25 years and its safety record [link to Unveiling the Myth] proves it is a leader in its class in the skies.

With a seating capacity of up to 8 passengers in a fully pressurised cabin, our crew will take you at 520 km / hr to your destination while you are cruising at 25,000ft. A non stop range of 2,600km caters to more than 11 regional capitals, numerous cities and towns as well as remote oil fields, airstrips and hotels. The short field take off and landing capability of the PC-12 sets it apart from its other luxury jet competitors who cannot access shorter airfields.

With a passenger door at the front, it also offers a cargo door to the rear for loading baggage and larger equipment. The PC-12 provides the comfort and refined cabin luxury expected on a private aircraft with a BMW designed interior, full air conditioning and a cabin more generous than most of its competitors. On board you will find a refreshment beverage cabinet, noise cancelling headsets, an on board entertainment system, USB charging points, internal Wi-Fi and a satellite phone.

The combination of versatility, exclusivity and comfort of this aircraft is impressive and to date not matched. Send us a booking request to see how affordable this can be.

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Did you know

GI Aviation’s fleet can cruise at 520 km/hr at 25,000ft, bringing you to the destination of your choice with all the perks expected of private aviation.

With GI Aviation, you avoid all the queues, hassle and time that is lost in larger airports. Our service through boutique private terminals ensures you reach your destination in a fraction of the time.

The Pilatus PC-12 fleet has earned the safety record statistically equivalent to the fleet of all U.S. business jets.

As well as flying you there, we can take you from door to door in many regional cities, in partnership with locally based ground limousine services.

We offer charter to destinations and remote locations not served by commercial aircraft and even by small jets due to the versatility of our Pilatus PC – 12 aircraft.

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