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October 08, 2016

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Do you remember when flying used to be exciting? With the emergence of fly in fly out contracts and long laborious immigration and security queues, the prospect of flying has become more akin to a painful commute or an unwanted chore than an experience to be savoured. It would be fair to say most of us aspire, or at least dream, to “one day” fly private – alas, until now this castle in the sky has been a fairytale for all but the people who are accustomed to multiple V’s in front of their VIP title. That is changing…

A new U.A.E. based charter operator – GI Aviation – with its fleet of state of the art, Swiss manufactured, Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, is setting out to make regional charter more affordable while retaining all the perks instilled in flying privately.

GI’s business model enables it to maintain the impeccable standards of safety and security required under its registered Air Operator’s Certificate, while also reducing its operating costs and passing on these savings to its clients, with prices significantly lower than comparable jets.

GI’s offering in a first instance provides current private jet fliers with a less expensive alternative. Though, what is even more interesting, is that it plans to attract first and business class travellers who previously found the price gap to jets too significant. Aside from the more affordable price, the time saving, exclusivity, privacy and convenience to fly when you want, where you want, are incomparable to regular commercial travel.


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Did you know

GI Aviation’s fleet can cruise at 520 km/hr at 25,000ft, bringing you to the destination of your choice with all the perks expected of private aviation.

With GI Aviation, you avoid all the queues, hassle and time that is lost in larger airports. Our service through boutique private terminals ensures you reach your destination in a fraction of the time.

The Pilatus PC-12 fleet has earned the safety record statistically equivalent to the fleet of all U.S. business jets.

As well as flying you there, we can take you from door to door in many regional cities, in partnership with locally based ground limousine services.

We offer charter to destinations and remote locations not served by commercial aircraft and even by small jets due to the versatility of our Pilatus PC – 12 aircraft.

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