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The “Belgian Round-Trip” that gave us Captain Gabriel Cordova

Written By GI Aviation

April 02, 2018

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This week, rather than be interviewed for the GI Aviation podcast, I jump into the host’s chair and chatted to a valued colleague who I work with every day.

Meet Captain Gabriel Cordova, Head of Safety and Quality at GI Aviation. In this short podcast, we learn how Gabriel’s life and story is essentially a “Belgian round-trip” that led him to become a pilot. Click here for the podcast.

Gabriel was born in Belgium to a Belgian Father and Brazilian Mother. At 7 years old, he went to Brazil and was educated in a French school. During his formative years, he received his private pilot’s license at Sao Paolo Air Club and then went on to complete a degree in Airline Management. After a year as a quality auditor for a UK airline, he went back Belgium, where he completed his professional pilot’s license. Now he is an integral part of our team in Abu Dhabi. Outside of his other responsibilities, he is one of my go-to sources on the subject of regulations, flying and aircraft. We decided to hit record on the microphones and share it on this podcast.

Gabriel’s mix of experience, geographies and cultures is what fascinates me about his story and I truly value having him on my team. His has done remarkable things for aviation in the Middle East & North Africa.

In the podcast, we talk about his role in getting GI Aviation’s Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) in just a year. Although this certificate is well established for companies flying the PC-12 in the US and Europe, we are the first to hold it in the MENA region.

Gabriel shares how the aircraft passed all safety checks with authorities through trial flights, back up scenarios and simulations. He also talks through this wonderful aircraft from a “pilot perspective” and, more importantly, a “passenger perspective”.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast and, of course, if I can ever be of assistance, or you require any regional private aviation, our team is available anytime to fly you across the GCC region. Look us up at or email me at

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